Sports Therapy is:

Sports massage with aromatherapy essential oils
-pre event
-post event

  • Physical assessment

  • Sports injury assessment

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

  • Nutritional & lifestyle assessment

  • Electrotherapy treatments including:

    • “G5” massage machine

    • audio sonic

    • ultrasound

    • infra-red

    • interferential muscle stimulator and TENS

    • Laser

    • Exercise prescription and advice

Anyone with injury problems welcome. In some cases permission for treatment from your G.P. may be required.

  • Gain relief from sports related tiredness and over training

  • Ease long term chronic conditions such as injuries and RSI’s

  • back pain

  • joint pain

  • muscle aches

  • twinges

  • stiff/sore necks

  • muscle “knots”/ adhesions

  • poor joint movement

The application of massage as a remedial therapy is based upon a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. It helps re-balance the muscular skeletal system by working specifically on muscles, tendons, joints, fascia and ligaments. It is powerful but not traumatic therapy.

Mobilisation and manipulation of joints facilitates normal function of the blood (vascular) system and nerve (neural) system.

First Consultation

If the injury is immediate Cryotherapy (ice) massage, ultrasound and laser can be applied. Please note that massage and Thermotherapy (heat) is not appropriate until the injury is 72+ hours old.


  • full medical history, noting any contra-indications and contractions

  • detailed physical examination

  • muscle and joint assessment

  • pain threshold and character

  • observations

  • treatment plan

If the injury is 72+ hours old, treatment can be applied to the site of injury.

Subsequent treatments

According to the treatment plan:

  • manual therapy and massage

  • electrotherapy and cryotherapy

  • taping and strapping

  • exercise rehabilitation


Remedial/ Preventative treatments

A regular ‘MOT’ service designed to keep your body in balance following recovery from your condition.

Self help: As soon as you have an injury, for the first 72 hours you must: rest, ice, compress and elevate.