Rehabilitation Training

Sports therapy always advocates exercise.  Exercise is about stretching tight muscle groups or strengthening weak ones, or even a combination of both.


Health promotion is extremely important for physical, mental, emotional and psychological health.  Exercise releases endorphins that give the "feel good factor" and reduces pain signals.


The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least five sessions of exercise per week at a minimum of 30 minutes.  To achieve cardiovascular fitness you need to work hard enough to raise the heart levels and increase respiratory rate of breathing,


A person may stretch with just a five minute exercise program and gradually build up as the body adapt.  Training will include core stabilisation, cardio, strength and stretching.


Every exercise plan will be individually tailored according

to their particular requirements and needs.  It is essential

to achieve stability of the core muscles, improve

proprioception and undertake corrective exercises

before moving onto a more general fitness programs.


The rehabilitation gym is fully equipped and boasts

brand new fitness equipment to give every aspect of

rehabilitation and fitness training.


A rower with the new concept of continual resistance

(base on a water wheel) is especially appropriate for

rehabilitation.  Total body training is catered for.

Body & Sole Gym Equipment

Lifestyle CSX Club Series Light Commercial Crosstrainer 
Lifestyle Club Series Recumbent Cycle 
Lifestyle CST Club Series Treadmill 
Rubber Encased STANDARD Discs 1.25kg (x4)
Rubber Encased STANDARD Discs - 10kg (x2) 
Rubber Encased STANDARD Discs 5kg (x4) 
Standard Curl Bar 
5' Standard bar 
Standard Spring Collar (Pair) 
Pro-Lat Machine (Plate Loading) 
Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (Grey) 
Standard Weight Tree 
Rubber Encased STANDARD Discs 2.5kg (x4) 
F7 Foldaway Mutit-station Gym & Bench 
Functional Multi-station Training Centre 
10 Pr Vertical D/bell Rack (Silver) 
1-10Kg Ergo Chrome D/bell Set 
E316 Evolution Series Fluid Rower (SILVER) 
Floor Protector Mat
Fitballs various sizes
Bosu (x2), Bosu Ball (1)
Dynobands and Stretch tubes
Wobble boards (various, inc game version
Medicine balls (various weights)
Gliding discs
Skipping rope